Teambuilding “Mission: Cooperation”

FIRST MISSION – Purpose: Understanding and cooperating with team members: The participants are assigned to teams and each team has to go through a number of cooperative challenges – gaming, sports, logic, creative, dancing.
SECOND MISSION – Purpose: uniting of all participants: In the second mission, all participants co-operate in a common task – dance, artistic, or corporate social responsibility. The relationship between the first and the second mission is determined by choosing a unifying task.
THIRD MISSION – Purpose: synthesis of the results of the cooperation achieved: “World Café”. By teams, participants discuss and create graphical images that demonstrate their understanding of collaboration by linking it to the company’s values. They would build their vision for the future. Creative solutions are combined into a common collage. The whole event will be shooted by dron


Time required: 4 hours

Number of participants: A minimum

of 20 people