Teambuilding “Shakespeare”

The format is designed for both small and large teams and the goal is team building, collaboration, developing creative and unconventional thinking. The participants are divided into groups, each group having different actor’s challenges (Shakespeare rhetoric, basic techniques in stage expression, sculpture, choreography, synchronism, mimic, gesture).

Under the leadership of the leading actors, the teams collaborate to build the theaters of the Shakespearean Sonnet. Each team works on the performance of a sonnet through a different style (shadow theater, R & B, mask theater, sculpture, puppet theater, etc.). Teambuilding ends with group performances. Their representatives make a synthesis of what they’ve learn and it’s application in everyday life. Teambuilding is led by professional actors and choreographers with years of stage and pedagogical experience.
The whole event is shot with a dron.


Time required: 6 hours

Number of participants: A minimum

of 10 participants