Art school

“Draw, draw, draw until you turn into a drawing!”

 Ilia Beshkov



Education in fine arts

Unity Academy Art school offers four coureses:

  • “Drawing 7-14 years”;
  • “Illustration 10-14 years”;
  • “Academic drawing 12+/Graphic and Painting”;
  • “Drawing preparatory classes for Art high school applicants”.

The program of the art courses is developed using an updated and modernized methods of the professional academic training of the doctor of pedagogical sciences Assoc. Alexander Stanev. That system allows young people to improve their plastic thinking and to be able to professionally master their drawing technique. The applied methodology leads students to the ability of creating aesthetically emotional drawings, suggesting human thoughts and conditions. In addition their pieces become full with realism and truthfulness achieved through the mastery and perfection of their plastic expression.

Objectives of the training:

  • Systematic training in drawing.
  • Giving knowledge of the complex, contradictory, solo/group creation and shaping the young artist.
  • Improvement of children/students’ intellect and ability.
  • Satisfaction of a job well done.
  • Practical application and implementation of the training system – exhibitions, contests; organizing an art gallery. Performance. Workshops.
  • Exhibitions, galleries and workshops visitations. Introduction to the work of famous artists.
  • Ourtraining  system  claims finality and completion.

All art projects comply with the interests of the children and are directly related to their lives and experiences.

All materials and tools are provided by Unity Academy:

folders, pencils, rubbers, paper, sketchbooks, pencil sharpeners, charcoal, ink, crayons, marker pens, dry pastel, oil pastel, tempera paints, watercolor paints, acrylic paints, oil paints, glue, brushes, cups, palettes, etc.

We work only with high quality, professional materials and tools.




07.10.2017 Beginning of the school year
05.11.2017 “Talent loves every child” contest
04.2018 Academic practice at Chavdar village

Unity Academy
Art school
Sofia, Ovcha kupel
Training at:
1 Krushovski vrah
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