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Making a team is an art. And art can help.

Cohesive team is key for any company. An organization is just as good as the good are the skills of its employees to achieve common goals together, to solve problems in cooperation and to communicate freely and efficiently.

Teambuilding programs of Unity Academy transform art from individual process to communication. Through this innovative approach to teambuilding, people who barely know each other spend unforgettable moments together, rediscovering colleagues in the shared work and the overall emotion and charge attract even the most skeptical participants. A non-traditional atmosphere for business such as art activities helps achievieng an innovative solution to a situation and positive “rearrangement” of relationships within the team.



The project is being conducted along with foundation “The Foundation”.

Main objectives of the project:

  • To develop communication skills, imagination, initiative, adaptability, self-expression, ability to solve problems, differing abilities and motivation;
  • To create a new relationship between classmates based on team work and creativity;
  • To promote creativity as an important aspect of the formation of children as whole persons;
  • To promote communication among children by building capacity in them to work and communicate in a larger group with their peers;
  • To enable children to develop their potentials and enable opportunities;
  • To sensitize them towards the realization of a common goal – to teach them the advantages of being a part of a larger group. To develop and manifest qualities such as empathy, altruism, tolerance and respect.

The format is aimed at teaching through the medium of theater, art, science, robotics, technology, engineering, flavor, color, sound and more. Using the preset topic that during teambuilding being developed with the active participation of children. The format helps the creation and development of common values ​​in the class and integrate qualities as: will for good motivation, dedication, courage, ambition, activity, respect, adaptability, cooperation, creativity, curiosity, confidence, responsibility.

Led by experienced professionals.



Office Dynamics is a concept to build a working space, provoked by the development of the new society. It aims to create spaces that bring together teams, to improve communication and to stimulate creativity.

Design of the working environment – building Interior design combined with the corporate branding, both for new offices or to change the vision of the already existing ones. Allows the construction of a new identity and association of the employees with it.

Integration of the employees in the process of building a working environment – collective work and in creation of some elements of the Interior – the most important accent in the concept of Office Dynamics is the personal participation of the employees in the implementation of the new design as well as being provocative to them. All elements of the design are created and later crafted to rally the team in creative work, with a modern design, that shall comply fully with the identity of the Organization and the fundamental values which the whole team seeks.

Care for the health. Setting relaxing areas allows employees to take the time to be reloaded with new strength and energy. The ability to shift the focus of work and maintaining a good tone and health are essential for generating ideas and realizing the full potential of each employee.

For a second consecutive year on 12.23.2015 Teambuilding with students from grade 7 at 119 school was held. This year it was titled “The Aroma Challenge.” Children were introduced to the basic methods for the manufacture of perfumes. What impressed me was the role-playing games for the manufacture of fragrances, which united many of the subjects studied – entrepreneurship, chemistry, mathematics, technology and information technology. Students showed ethics, had the opportunity to be initiative and responsible. The children were extremely satisfied and inspired by the event. In practice, they linked the concrete, the abstract thinking and creativity. These are the goals and objectives that every teacher wants to achieve at class.

Nikolina Georgieva, class teacher of 7v class, 119 High school




(Bulgarian) Коледен уъркшоп “Рисуване на коприна”


(Bulgarian) “Ден на Народните будители” – официален празник на Юнити Академия

Тиймбилдинг "Шекспириада"

(Bulgarian) Тиймбилдинг “Шекспириада” – Aurubis, септември 2017 г.