This teambuilding is designed for small teams. The primary goal is for the team to acquire better communication techniques and cooperate better.

By passing different challenges, exercises and tasks, the teambuilding build a proper control and proper understanding of communication in all its aspects:

  • Building trust
  • Dimensions of effective communication
  • Feedback and better understanding
  • Synchronization and patterns of behavior
  • Unification of viewpoints
  • Synthesis

There are four stages:

  1. Accommodation in a traditional Bulgarian house. Climbing a peak/the destination is chosen by the client. We recommend selecting a light, easy-to-pass route/ – the senses transform into a means of communication amidst the beautiful Bulgarian nature.
  2. Challenges and tasks, created specifically for the team to acquire all aspects of communication.
  3. Building of a 3D installation “360 degrees of communication” – processing the experiences of the day.
  4. Barbeque, in which your teams takes an active part


Time required:

1 day.

Number of participants:

10-20 people.