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The Training in Robotics

Robotics integrates all areas of the human knowledge in a way that no other object can cover. It is a synthesis of mechanics, electricity, electronics, control systems, computer science, technology, mathematics and science.

Immerse yourself in to the most far-sighted discipline of our time.

Robotics Classes:

  • Make learning amusing and inspiring;
  • Provide valuable practical experience;
  • Provide a basis for the preparation in high school and beyond;
  • Develop critical thinking skills and strategies to address challenges;
  • Allow students to develop and demonstrate creativity;
  • Build the ability to develop cooperation and teamwork skills;
  • Help children to develop an intuitive understanding of physical concepts in science and mathematics;
  • Allow students to appreciate and realize technology;
  • Build confidence and self-esteem;
  • Prepare students for the dynamic developing world.

The Training in Robotics

Learning Objectives:

Club “Robotics” covers various aspects of robotics, mechanics, electronics and physics. Each lesson concerns a series of topics related to scientific and technological knowledge required to create a robot. Learning process in which children are active country, practical experiments are the basis of the program of the club. They enable students to find their own solutions to the problems with the guidance of the teacher.
The program is created by German education benchmark and is accomplished with the training constructors of Fishertehnik.
This method of training sets an excellent foundation in the field of robotics, technology and engineering for all children who are interested in this direction. Children work in groups and develop common projects.

The training is a two-year course.

All art projects comply with the interests of the children and are directly related to their lives and experiences.

2016/17 School year

I-st term
12 Sept. 2016
End: 03 Febr. 2017

II-nd term
: 09 Febr. 2017
End: 31 May 2017

Groups, sessions, prices

Group Day Session First Term Fee Second Term Fee
10+ years Saturday 09.00-11.00 340 BGN 260 BGN
10+ years Saturday 11.30-13.30 340 BGN 260 BGN

* Prices for a single visit – 25 BGN/2 hours.

* Payment by installments is a possibility.


Call in advance to GSM: 0882/10 40 48 (to check for training spots availability).


07.10.2017 Beginning of the school year
04.11.2017 “Talent loves every child” contest
04.2017 Academic practice at Chavdar village

Unity Academy
Club “Eureka” 
Sofia, Ovcha kupel
Training at:
1 Krushovski vrah
Administrative office:
19A Barzaritza str.
tel: 0882 104 048