6+, 8+ и 10+

We think, ask questions, design , create, persist,
cooperate, try, find solutions, invent, share the experience.


STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics

One of the main advantages of STEM training is the integration of the individual subjects in the curriculum for the realization of a large project. This allows the children to understand the relationships between the school subjects and it helps them to ask themselves questions like: “Why do I need this knowledge?”, “Where am I going to use what I’ve learnt?”

. The project gives the opportunity to different groups of children to reach several  complete solutions to the same problem. Work on solving a particular problem teaches children to plan, organize, and explore. Practical activities contribute to developing the abilities and skills necessary for the realization of the project. Kids use the research to create the design, testing it, evaluate and make adjustments.

STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics

Aims of the training:

  • The advantage of STEM education is that it offers the integration a variety of disciplines. This allows students to understand the relationship between the subjects they study.
  • STEM program is effective because it is comprehensive. It is the easiest and best way, so far, thanks to its wide curriculum, based on a project creation. It also helps the students to answer the questions “Why should I know this?” and “Where and when will I use it?“.
  • The project-based curriculum provides an opportunity for a thorough examination of the problem set. The project was selected, so as to enable the different groups of students, to develop several different solutions to the same task. The task teaches the ability to plan, organize and carry outscientific research.
  • Those preparatory activities give the students the necessary skills and knowledge in order to use them in the “right moment”. Students use their research  information in the design, creation of the prototypes, testing, evaluation, and redesign of the project.
  • To those project oriented learning students,STEM gives the essential basics for a quick and successful entry into schools and universities.  A number of high schools and colleges in Europe and the United States conducted surveys of these students who participated in STEM programs. They all reported higher grades, so students are better prepared to study and achieve more.

The training is a two-year course.

All projects comply with the interests of the children and are directly connected withtheir lives and experiences.

2016/17 School year

I-st term

Beginning: 12 Sept. 2016
End: 03 Febr. 2017

II-nd term
: 09 Febr. 2017
End: 31 May 2017

Groups, sessions, prices

Group Day Session First Term Fee Second Term Fee
6+ years Sunday 09.00-11.00 340 BGN 260 BGN
8+ years Sunday 09.00-11.00 340 BGN 260 BGN
10+ years Sunday 11.30-13.30 340 BGN 260 BGN


Call in advance to GSM: 0882/10 40 48 (to check for training spots availability).


07.10.2017 Beginning of the school year
04.11.2017 “Talent loves every child” contest
04.2018 Academic practice at Chavdar village

Unity Academy
Club Eureka
Sofia, Ovcha kupel
Training at:
1 Krushovski vrah
Administrative office:
19A Barzaritza str.
tel: 0882 104 048