Engineering and Architecture

You are not confined to look at a space in one given way. You can really meander around.

Zaha Hadid


Engineering and Architecture

The course offers children an engaging and creative way to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities related to:

  • Awareness of their surroundings;
  • Seeing details in the environment;
  • A sense of scale;
  • Structuring of time and space;
  • Development of abstract thinking and imagination in a real environment;
  • Caring for the environment;
  • Awareness of the relationship between living and non-living matter;
  • Understand the importance of human.

Engineering and Architecture


The Architecture course program consist of two main modules in the two semesters. The first module places a theoretical framework. Each lesson is exercised through practical tasks. The course continues by combining a series of individual tasks into a final project developed by different teams.


  • A brief history
  • Trends in architecture
  • Structure of the city. Basic principles.
  • Architecture of the Future
  • Architecture and ecology
  • Digital space
  • Architecture and people. Sociology.
  • Cinema and the different space.
  • Dream towns of the great architects.
  • A new life to the space. Transformation instead of destruction.


  • Split into teams (architectural studio).
  • Each studio builds zoning “City of the Future.”
  • Discussion and pooling of ideas.
  • Planning a selected area.
  • Discussing and developing a complete solution for the defined area.
  • Presentation of the project.

2016/17 School year

I-st term
12 Sept. 2016
End: 03 Febr. 2017

II-nd term
: 09 Febr. 2017
End: 31 May 2017

Groups, sessions, prices

Group Day Session Firs Term Fee Second Term Fee
9+ years Sunday 15.00-17.00 340 BGN 260 BGN
9+ years Sunday  12.30 – 14.30   340 BGN  260 BGN


Call in advance to GSM: 0882/10 40 48 (to check for training spots availability).


07.10.2017 Beginning of the school year
05.11.2017 “Talent loves every child” contest
04.2018 Academic practice at Chavdar village

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Sofia, Ovcha kupel
Training at:
1 Krushovski vrah
Administrative office:
19A Barzaritza str.
tel: 0882 104 048